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Skill Requirements


Level Standing Tumbling Running Tumbling Stunting
1 Forward / Backward Rolls
Front / Back Walkovers
Two Leg: Elevator
One Leg:Stunts Below
Shoulder level
2 Single / Backhandspring Series Backhandsprings Two leg: Extension
One leg: Prep Level
3 Series Backhandspings Back / Front Tucks Two leg: Single twist from extension
One leg: Straight cradle from extended
4 Standing tuck
Backhandspring(s) to
Tuck / Layout
Back layout
Front Tuck connected to
Two leg: Double twist
from extension
One leg: Single twist
from extended
5 Jumps to tuck
Backhandsping(s) to
Twisting Skills
Full and Double Twists
Specialty Passes
Double Twist from
extended one leg stunts,
elite transitions
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