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What is All-Star Cheerleading

All-Star cheerleading is not recreational, but a serious competitive sport. Competitive cheerleading is very different from the traditional sideline cheerleading seen at a football game. Instead, All-Star cheerleaders are trained to compete against other competitive cheerleading programs across the nation.

The CC CHAMPS Mission

It is our mission to prepare our teams and athletes to perform to their peak level of ability, ensuring them success on the competition floor. While it is our intent to train our cheerleaders to become outstanding athletes, we also believe that being a member of our All-Star program provides much more than training in cheerleading. We believe that our athletes will gain a tremendous amount of self-confidence and learn valuable lessons in team dynamics. They are also taught sportsmanship, goal setting, and pride. Our athletes learn that with hard work, dedication, and determination they can accomplish any task.

In addition, exercise creates a healthier and happier person and has proven to be a positive relationship between sports and academics. CC CHAMPS athletes will be faced with personal and team challenges on a regular basis. This experience will teach time management and will help teach each athlete valuable life lessons.

Age Rquirements

Team Division
Tiny 6 Years old and Under
Mini 8 Years old and under
Youth 11 year old and under
Junior 14 years old and under
Senior 10 Years old - 18 Years old
Senior (Level 5) 12 Years old - 18 year old
International 14 Years old and Up


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